For those living in Adelaide:

As I mentioned on the home page, I did a course in dreamwork with Diane Bellchambers of Cosmic Pages, followed by attending her monthly dream group for several years. Cosmic Pages has now closed but Dianne offers many free workshops on both dreamwork and soul development at various locations around Adelaide. Details can be found on her website.

Cosmic Pages


The South Australian Jung Society holds its meetings at the Sophia Centre on Cross Road, Cumberland Park on the first Friday of each month from March through to December. Members have access to an extensive library of Jung related material and recordings of all talks.

Jung Society of South Australia


Also in the Adelaide area, is the Cancer Care Centre at Unley.  It has a wealth of resources and support for those dealing with cancer.

Cancer Care Centre


Other Resources:

Jane Teresa Anderson, also mentioned on the home page, operates out of Brisbane and has a very extensive website devoted to dreams. From her main page you will find video and audio clips, links to her articles, podcast and a wealth of other information, including her services. The podcast, also on iTunes, usually has a guest sharing a dream and is a valuable insight into the way in which untangling a dream can help sort out the tangles in our waking life events.

Jane Teresa Anderson


The podcast I referred to in the Blessing by a Shrink dream comes out of the San Francisco Bay Area in the US and is the creative brainchild of retired psychology professor David Van Nuys. The show has been going since August 2005 and I began listening about a year later. I don’t recall how I found it but that is the magic of the internet. David has a special interest in dreams himself and I was delighted when he interviewed Jane. His podcast covers a wide range of ‘mind stuff,’ not just dreams and frequently features Jungian analysts as well as other kinds of psychotherapeutic approaches, neuroscience, spirituality and assorted related topics. The podcast is available through iTunes but the website itself is well worth browsing.

Shrink Rap Radio